CleverMaths 2.4

Manage experiment data and analyze liquid behaviour
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Work with texts and experiment data to establish and manage specific materials. Simulate the calculated processes of pouring liquids between beakers, control line measurements and shape adjustments, generate detailed graphs, recognize formulas, transfer texts, etc.

Clevermaths has all the features you would expect from great annotation software, but it also includes some fantastic classroom tools. Make maths lessons come to life with the interactive maths tools. Record scientific experiments and save your results into folders to easily compare the outcomes of follow up experiments. Pour liquids between beakers, measure lines and shapes, and create graphs. As well as text recognition, there is also a revolutionary formula recognition feature, automatically turning handwritten formula into text.

When you open the software use the side menu to choose between five subject pages that are perfect for use in the classroom:- English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Whiteboard mode.

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